I’m Niamh (Neev) a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. I hold my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Maternal & Child Health from The University of South Florida (2010) and my Masters in Social Work from The University of South Florida (2019). I am also a Certified Educator in the State of Florida with nine years of teaching experience. 

My passion is to get to know you and help you fully engage in life by creating lasting change and empowering you to own your voice and victories. As we grow, learn, and navigate through new experiences, it can be painful. The uncertainty and discomfort of change can feel overwhelming. As we adjust to change, we all worry, but worry and anxiety can become restrictive, time consuming, and exhausting. 

We will walk together through the process as you bravely invest in creating a more fulfilled and balanced life. My non-judgmental, collaborative, and strength-based approach utilizes evidence-based practices. Ultimately, your comfort and goals for treatment are most important so the approach is very much individualized as I believe you are your own expert. 

As humans, we are wired to worry; it is built into each of us to survive. When we utilize worry efficiently, we unlock its intended ability to allow us to push past difficult and challenging situations. My desire is to empower you to understand why you’re experiencing discomfort and uncertainty, teach you effective tools to tolerate the uncertainty, and identify a concrete plan for lasting change.

The mission of EMMA Counseling is helping kids, adolescents, and families transform by cultivating greater awareness and maximizing their abilities. The only thing we have control over are the choices we make. If you are ready to take that first step into greater freedom, I’m ready to take it with you. Let's discover your untapped potential.


Education and Work Experience

January 2020


EMMA Counseling was born and launched in 2020. I had the privilege of being under the supervision of Dr. Tom Hofmann while completing my two years post graduate as a Registered Clinical Social Work Intern. Dr. Hofmann holds a license in both Clinical Social Work and Marriage and Family. Dr. Hofmann has been counseling since 1982 and I feel incredibly fortune for the opportunity to learn from him and his years of experience. EMMA Counseling provides individuals and families with differentiated treatment to reach their personalized goals to engage in a more fulfilling life.

July 2019 - Current

AIM Counseling Group - Assistant Clinical Director & Group Director

Amie Thomas is an incredible Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Certified Trauma and Loss Specialist. She is the Founder and Owner of AIM Counseling in Bonita Springs, FL. I am privileged to work alongside Amie Thomas and her colleagues with individuals, families, and groups to provide one on one and group counseling. At AIM Counseling, I facilitate groups for young elementary students with anxiety, and also run co-ed middle school and young men's high school groups aimed at increasing resiliency among the difficulties and uncertainties of life. 

August 2019- May 2020

Academic Director

During this past year of transitioning to seeing private practice clients, I also served as the Academic Director of The Revolutionary Learning Center, a program to support middle and high school students who use a virtual or home school curriculum. As the Director of the program, I ensured students had a supportive and emotionally safe environment to learn executive functioning skills and practice social skills while also collaborating with parents and other providers to enhance the growth and development of the whole student. Students received instruction in not only academics, but also learned how to create even more fulfilling interpersonal relationships, appropriate pro-social behavior, coping skills, self-esteem building, anger management, as well as mindfulness.

December 2016 - May 2019

Clinical Intern

During my education at The University of South Florida, I had the honor to intern at Rogers Behavioral Health Center of Tampa Bay. At Rogers, I delivered individualized treatment to help clients explore the
relationship between thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in various settings such as individual, group, and family sessions. While at Rogers I was trained in providing evidenced based therapies such as cognitive behavioral therapy, exposure response prevention, dialectical behavior therapy, behavior
activation, and experiential therapy. I worked among some of the best clinicians in Tampa as we serviced client populations that included children, adolescents, and adults in a partial hospitalization or outpatient setting who had been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, OCD, anxiety, depression, mood disorder, eating disorders, and substance use disorders.

August 2011 - May 2019

Exceptional Student Educator

After graduating with my Bachelors in Psychology, I entered the work force as an educator to provide high quality academic instruction in a therapeutic settings for students in need of social, emotional,  and behavioral support. My role required me to closely collaborate with therapists, psychologists, parents, and colleagues to develop behavioral and academic goals and behavioral and functional assessments to effectively support the needs of students who exhibited behavioral disorders, those identified with emotional disturbance disorders, students diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum, and those with intellectual disabilities. It was such a joy for me to work alongside my students and their families to empower abilities rather than focus on the disability. My students and their families are ultimately what lead to my decision to return to school and provide services to the family unit as a whole moving beyond the four walls of my classroom.